conscious knowledge

06 August 2014 | 11:09 AM | King Salmon, AK

Mushrooms have been growing and bursting out of rich black soil in at least 3 of my dreams over the last week. While looking for some time lapse videos I found this talk. Paul Stamets suggestion that the similarities found in successful subway designs, the computer internet and the discovery of dark matter in the Universe all conform to a mycelial archetype and hearing his words brought back this dream in ever expanding waves.

Are we looking at cosmic consciousness? I believe matter begets life, life becomes single cells, single cells become strings, branches become chains, chains become membranes and THIS IS THE WAY.
— Paul Stamets, The Future is Fungi [how to save the planet]

24 July 2014 | 7:03 AM | King Salmon, AK

I called out into my sub conscience and asked for all of my knowledge of plants and herbs to be returned to me in my waking life. I made a lucid observation that noted how interesting it was that I would ask for that.

22 September 2014 | 5:46 AM | King Salmon, AK

Dick and I were given cellular memory of all of the plants and their relationships in the area. It felt like he had already received much of the information. It also felt like he was sharing much of what had already been gifted to him with me. It felt like an initiation into stewardship for the land. I walked up a trail and I recognized plantain growing up out of the gravel.


23 September 2014 | 6:39 AM | King Salmon, AK

Ann asked me if everything I knew about medicinal herbs had been learned from books. I told her, yes. She said that was all about to change.


23 September 2014 | ???? | King Salmon, AK

Ann called me to let me know the infection on her dog's head was no better. She told me that in addition to familiarizing myself with Stephen Harrod Buhner's other work, we should both  acquire the herbs and learn the protocol he outlines in his book, Herbal Antibiotics. I met her later that evening and she gifted me a copy of the first book in his series of work.


4 October 2014 | 9:03 AM | King Salmon, AK

I am immersing myself in Stephen Buhner's book, Sacred Plant Medicine. In addition to the significance of his beautiful writing, I am struck by his suggestion that the sacred enters the heart and is translated into "many forms: a series of visions, sounds, images, feelings, tastes, words or smells" as it is brought into consciousness. Although I didn't have the language for it earlier, Mushroom Carpet and all of my other mushroom dreams have had an audible sound that I could feel before the mushrooms emerged in the dream. I had the same feeling out in the tundra this summer looking for King Boletes as the season peaked and before I would find them.

5 October 2014 | 6:04 PM | King Salmon, AK

I began contemplating drug resistant infection as I have been observing a rash of wounds erupting around me over the two weeks. Ann and I have continued discussing Buhner's work and every time she has suggested we begin acquiring the exotic tinctures, I have seen myself wearing a face mask made of tundra. Today I made this mask and I am sharpening my intent to learn to utilize local medicinal herbs. It is notable to point out that this mask conveniently covers a mysterious blemish that has emerged on my own face.

We find ourselves companioned by other ensouled phenomena that care enough about us to engage in this kind of sharing. Through this deep exchange, we are not only anchored in the knowledge that the other inhabitants of this Earth are intelligent, we also experience a direct information exchange with them through our hearts, without the kind of reductionism necessary when consciousness is located in the brain.

Thus indigenous peoples could say, in all accuracy, that they were taught by the plants themselves, or that their knowledge came in visions or dreams. And, of course, this exchange was not limited to plants but occurred with all parts of the natural world. The natural empathy that such close connection engenders also causes people to treat the world very differently than they do when they are alienated from nature. Although explanations of this process of direct perception help us to understand the process, what is most important is the experience of it—how it feels, how it enriches our lives, and how it reconnects us to the ground of being from which we have come. It is very hard to cut down a forest when we experience it as alive and intelligent and as an elder to the human.
— Stephen Harrod Buhner, Sacred Plant Medicine

sterile gourmet

12 August 2014 | 6:50 AM | King Salmon, AK

My Mom and I were shopping at a gourmet grocery store. The cart had a few items in it when we wheeled it into the small garden center in the corner of the store. My Mom asked if they had any mustard seeds. She had tried to grow some the seeds from her spice cabinet and they wouldn't germinate. I went to grab a couple of other specialty items. While I was gone, a stock person showed her the seeds they had in stock.

They were in a cellophane bag with a ribbon wrapped around the top. She put a bag of the seeds in the cart and we met up back in the store. She showed me the beautiful packaging that surrounded the seeds. I told her that while these specialty seeds would grow, they would not produce fertile seeds after they flowered. Because mustard is considered to be an invasive species, all commercial seeds were hybrids to limit the expansion of the species.

When we got home, I showed her where the wild mustard was growing at the top of her driveway. I gathered some pods and started cracking them open over a white porcelain bowl. As I removed the fresh seeds, I wondered what the freshly ground wild mustard prepared with white wine would taste like.

4 October | 12:59 PM | Naknek, AK

I checked the seed pods that were developing in the patch of mustard on the Air Force Base in August. I compared them to the Mustard that had threatened to overtake my rows of vegetables all summer long. The Mustard pods at the garden had at least 20 times more seeds even though they were smaller. Today I stopped by the garden to harvest the Chickweed and Wild Mustard that has overtaken the compost pile where I threw everything I had weeded out over the season. After I washed the Chickweed, the sink was absolutely loaded with seeds from the Mustard that had grown along side it. I saw the wild pods sitting in a perfectly new white bucket waiting to dry and I was struck with how easily these seeds were going to establish themselves in my own yard. I had probably even tracked seeds into my yard on the soles of my boots! I also thought about how the freshly ground Mustard would taste...

12 August 2014 | 3:49 PM | King Salmon, AK

I was working on my Rx Pickling Salt and told Mitch I was looking for a big patch of Wild Mustard to finish it. On 12 August, my phone rang, it was Mitch. He saw me driving and asked if I wanted to see a spot where he thought he saw some on the King Salmon Air Force Base. He directed me to this garden bed outside of a water treatment facility. I was overcome with finding a small bed in such a sterile place that had been so completely taken over by the wild plant.


how to cut a heart

14 September 2014 | 7:02 AM | King Salmon, AK

Jon Kluck and I were butchering a moose. He held up the heart and said that he was going to show me how to cut and prepare the heart.

14 September 2014 | 8:19 PM | King Salmon, AK

Late in the evening, Jon and I were still processing the moose he hauled out of Big Creek earlier in the week. While I was cutting up a front quarter this steak emerged.


spiral jetty


30 May 2014 | 5:41 AM | King Salmon, AK

We talked and I asked him to tell me about his work. He said he was a Land Artist. He told me, "You already know about Spiral Jetty" and listed other work I wasn’t familiar with.

He asked me about my work. I told him that I wasn’t really working…I had taken a break and started a new proposal for a project. As I talked he smiled at me like he already knew everything I was going to tell him. I told him that I was sure that some of my difficulty in moving forward as he saw tonight was rooted in my previous work not really being considered Art.

He nodded and said it was.  As he listened and then said that he genuinely understood my dilemma because his career was similar.

?? July | ???? | Naknek, AK

Jessica asked me out of the blue if I had ever been to the Spiral Jetty. I went home and read several articles written by Robert Smithson. The reminders to research his work will not relent.


6 August 2014 | 11:21 AM | King Salmon, AK

I was looking for some time lapse videos of mushroom growth when I stumbled on this video. While watching it, I realized that the spiral has been brought to the center of my attention three times in just over one month. In The Future is Fungi, Mycologist Paul Stamets notes that some mycelium cultures form spirals in the labratory. Shown here is a photo of a still from the video that shows Paul talking about the Golden Mean being a Universal Truth that is expressed by intelligent Honey Mushrooms in the forests of Montana. Watch the video below.

mushroom carpet


28 July 2014 | 6:45 AM | King Salmon, AK

The walls inside the house my Brother and I lived in were dank and mossy. The floor was heaving and shifting in several places. One corner of the floor in the single room house burst upward away from the walls. I pealed back the carpet to check the damage. A huge mushroom was bulging out of the ground just under the floor boards. I told my Brother about the discovery.

The floor started to creak and move again when another one started to break through the center. Just when we thought it was going to mature and burst out of the ground, the floor sank back and settled into a sunken hole. Next to the mushroom was a soft rotten spot in the wooden planks. We needed to replace the entire floor. I knew that we would lose the mushrooms if we replaced the carpet. I suggested that the original carpet be used again over new flooring.

 3 August 2014

03 August 2014 | 7:51 PM | King Salmon, AK

This is the first round of Boletus Edulis I painstakingly cut and hesitantly dried. My previous attempt sunk in rot and was boiling in maggots because of lack of ventilation and my carelessness in cutting thicker slices. As I tried to line everything up for this photo, I ran out of room to move the pan on the counter and the floor was impossible to remove from the frame. I revisited my memories of the Mushroom Carpet dream and I decided to leave the linoleum flooring in the frame and dry the mushrooms quickly in the oven. (I have since acquired a dehydrator.)

orange root

25 July 2014 | 6:05 AM | King Salmon, AK

Gail and I were talking on a small wooden boat dock that was mostly taken up by a large wooden table. An out of control vehicle came speeding down the hill and crashed at the end of the dock. Three men and one woman, all European, exited the wreckage. They were in town looking for something. Neither Gail or I had any idea how to help them find it. They said that the wooden table on the dock was the most likely location. I looked underneath the table top and sure enough they were right. The table was bugged with surveillance. There was a copper wire screwed to the wood about 6 inches from the corner. They left and Gail invited me to her house for some tea made with local herbs she had steeping. She went inside and when she came back she presented me with a small fruit tree seedling. It had a very fragrant and delicate mandarin orange surrounded by the tiny root ball. As I peeled back the rind the perfect little roots ran between the slices of fleshy fruit. The fruit was delicious.


10 August 2012 | 6:23 PM | King Salmon, AK

I was trolling through old pictures to see if I had happened to take any pictures of the places that triggered my first few dreams of 2012 and found this dream place. Seeing this picture triggered the the Orange Root dream and the feeling I had when I found it floating in the Naknek River. This is the first time a dream place has ever been revealed in reverse.

This filet table sits at the end of the dock at Crystal Creek Lodge in King Salmon. I captured this image while attending the live broadcast of Dan Rather Reports that featured Las Vegas chef, Rick Moonen discussing the impact potential of Pebble Mine on Bristol Bay's salmon fishery.

rosemary iphone

13 February 2014 | 6:40 AM | King Salmon, AK

I had traveled unexpectedly from a conference in Oakland, CA and didn’t pack a thing to go into San Francisco with Michelle. She dropped me off at a bus stop on a hill. I checked my cellphone to see if I was running late to get back to the conference. My iPhone case was filled with fresh rosemary and other herbs. I had to ask what time it was but the streets were silent.

23 July | 3:09 PM | King Salmon, AK

While preparing wild Lovage seeds for my Cemetery Salt, I snapped a picture. The moment I saw the herbs moving on the screen as I tried to frame the shot, the Rosemary iPhone dream came to life...right there in my kitchen.


cultural replica


15 March 2014 | 4:30 AM | King Salmon, AK

After the presentation I got into an amazing conversation with Julia. She talked a lot about her work and the crossovers into my own project fascinated me. Just before I left, she reminded me that it was twenty bucks to participate in the event. I didn’t have any cash at all. When I showed up the next day, Julia was running around pretty busy. She had a small crew of just a couple of guys. They all loved their work so much it seemed more like they were just volunteering. Their upcoming season was going to be busy. Once I heard their work schedule, I knew they were NOT volunteers. They were working on some cultural replicas for museum displays. The guys kept talking to me like we were going to work together for the summer because of the similarity of our projects. They were getting ready to head off to work when Julia made a couple of announcements. At the end she thanked me for my work and contributions to their work and welcomed me to the team as a part time summer member. We all headed toward the work area. I was curious about her process and I did in fact have the time to dedicate to her schedule. She had seen my work and was confident that I would be a quick study. It was like a little factory for installations. They were mixing their own custom paints and doing construction. One of the guys was directed to get me set up on a solo project. He took me down the skinny hallway and opened a door to the paper mache room. There was an entire mannequin being duplicated in paper mache. The head had been started and I was told to finish it.


19 July 2014 | 1:43 PM | Naknek, AK

I attended the community Fishtival festivities at the Bristol Bay Consolidated School. I walked through and checked out the food, swag and wares offered at every booth of the Bazaar. I was almost through them all when I felt a Dream Place pull at me. My eyes scanned the table in front of me to find the source and stopped when they saw the Jade Ulu shown here on page 78 of Indian & Eskimo Artifacts of North America. .

Julia had patterned it after an original artifact shown on the page of a book in this image. Her Husband did the stone work. I checked the edge to see if it was sharp enough to flesh salmon skins to make leather. It fit perfectly and balanced in my hand. I had just run out of cash at the previous booth. She kept it on hold until I returned and paid her. While I drove go get cash, I felt the March dream roll  through me into reality.

tundra cam

23 January 2014 | 7:30 AM | King Salmon, AK

I was hiking all over Bristol Bay across the tundra almost everyday observing the birds, wildlife and plants. I had to have a camera with me at all times. I documented everything and over time was able to track the evolution of the planet.

 12 July 2014

12 July 2014 | 5:37 PM | Naknek, AK

I was out on Ralph's Road gathering Coltsfoot and Uva Ursi with Marcia and Jessica. While harvesting herbs in the tundra that surrounds my hometown Naknek, Alaska, I stopped, stood up and let the memory of a January dream over take me. It was beautiful. Just as in the dream, there I was hiking all over the tundra almost every day observing birds, wildlife and plants with an iPhone camera in my pocket. The picture I took at that moment is the beginning of this new work.