This blog is an exploration of the relationship between my dreams and waking life.

I have been closely observing a wild pattern of dreams that began to emerge in April of 2012. By August of the same year, those dreams started to become reality. On my first ever road trip through Montana, two dreams were triggered within two hours. I saw the actual locations where the dreams took place. After leaving the Symes Hotel in Hot Springs, Montana the next day, I drove past yet another Dream Place. The details of the rocky ridge flooded through me as the terrain evolved just as it did in my sleep.

In July, while harvesting herbs in the tundra that surrounds my hometown Naknek, Alaska, I stopped, stood up and let the memory of a January dream over take me. It was beautiful. Just as in the dream, there I was hiking all over the tundra almost every day observing birds, wildlife and plants with an iPhone camera in my pocket. The picture I took at that moment is the beginning of this new work.

In October 2013, I began to write down these dreams. The process of maintaining and organizing a proper journal has been a rigorous effort that has revealed new threads and recovered some of what I lost in the early months of this swell of imagery moving forward into my consciousness. These excerpts from my full journal are being made publicly available to serve as placeholders while my body of work churns and evolves out of this other realm. This website is intended to become an interactive digital collage of the peripheral patterns that emerge and now consume much of waking life.

The last two years have passed and these dreams of witnessed places have continued to punctuate my life. In my Dream Place climbing over that ridge in Montana, I had to go back to the beginning. Although at the time, I thought the “beginning” was just a metaphorical reference to reworking my latest designs. That road trip has now become a genesis and a mapping point from which all other threads in my life and work are hinged. I am now haunted with a larger sense of the word. I publish this work humbly and naively. Please accept this attempt as a work in progress.

Sweet Dreams,

LaRece Egli


Here are some keys to unpacking the content contained in this blog.

The essence of this collision of realities seems to be most easily captured by documenting everything I can. Occasionally a dream place is revealed that I either failed to write down or was unable to completely bring out of the dream state and translate into language. Some things simply can't be captured. Photographs of these Lost Dreams have been included and stand alone to salvage what is left of those living memories.

This work is not an attempt to draw concrete conclusions about any effects or reflections of these dreams on my life or work. The symbols, events and places found in my sleeping hours seem to flex continuously in my waking observations. Time and repeated triggers seems to change them and following their queues accelerates further revelations. I have long since given up any attempt to prioritize, categorize or determine significant relevancy of my dream world in my day to day existence. Much of what seems mundane often becomes significant. I am certain any understanding of the symbols and threads represented here will change and evolve over time. The only conclusion I have settled with is that these dreams are Spiritual in Nature. Repeated synchronicities have driven home one simple priority to document everything I can with the simplest multi tool available, my iPhone.

While these images do not to recreate accurate representations of the fantastic objects and scenes that are revealed in my subconscious state, they usually represent a mashup of the moment as it collides with my unconscious revelations. You will notice that the symbols in the images do not always capture the entirety of the dream and that sometimes the context is very different. I have found these differences comedic, irrelevant and also quite significant. As the inventory of Home + Food + Sleep entries expand, I hope to demonstrate that while my dreams do not always capture the complete occurrence, the end result is often more interesting.

Cross references of symbols, times, landscapes and events are being archived to unearth new threads of synchronicity that illuminate the original dream. Dates and times have been included as much as possible. Sometimes they deepen the significance and other times seem to revolve outside the confines of any linear experience. The actual dream content has been italicized. I have found however it is more interesting to read the content without considering time, place or reality as grounding factors because it opens up the possibility of feeling the Truth I find in these dream states and places more closely to how I actually experience them.


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download the layar app here to interact with these images in augmented reality.

I will be embedding digital content to these images as this work morphs and shifts. It is my hope that by creating an interactive web based format that I will be able to share my dream place moments more completely. Stay tuned, I am still working out the bugs on this!