The most powerful relationships & experiences in my life have always been rooted in my community experiences in my hometown Naknek, a rural Salmon fishing village in Southwest Alaska. Growing up in rural Alaska has informed my utilitarian approach to generating functional objects and has become the foundation of my Life and work. After years of returning like a salmon in the summer months to participate in the tradition of handcrafting gillnets for commercial fisherman, in 2013, I returned home permanently.

These images are being archived and assembled online in a digital collage with excerpts from my dream journal. is an experimental dreamscape of food and life informed by dreams, research and synchronicity. As Home, Food, Sleep evolves, I hope to deepen the layers of the interactive experience offered there and continue to share it digitally.

My work has always been heavily influenced by my experiences in food preservation, gardening, quilting, knitting and sewing. With my studio dismantled and my soul in disarray, my return to Bristol Bay has been a major turning point. As I have distanced myself from all my previous endeavors, I have been blessed to discover the seeds of a potential future. In my heart my work hasn't changed at all, it has only come into sharper focus through the lens of my favorite Sustenance tool: my iPhone.